All Natural Skin Care

Natural ingredients mixed together to provide healthy options for your skin and hair


In order to be as successful as you possibly can, you must never cease to grow. January Baby is always looking for ways to enhance and improve the products we create for you. We offer some of the finest ingredients to care for your skin and hair, so why should'nt the packaging reflect that as well?

After months of research to ensure quality and aesthetic, we are excited to bring you the same great products with an external makeover.

We will continue to use the old packaging until it runs out and there may even be a SALE to help ring out the old and ring in the new. Be on the look out for the new and improved JB moisturizer; our NUMBER 1 seller.



Being a person with natural hair, focusing on maintaining a healthier lifestyle, I begin to research natural products and came across several ingredients that I knew I could get my hands on. After 2 years of experimenting with formulas, I finally found the combination of ingredients that gave me several great products that my JB Rock Stars love and thus January Baby was born.

The products are a combination of ingredients like Shea, Capuacu, and Mango butter with a mix of carrier oils  including Coconut, Hemp Seed, Rose Hip and Vitamin E, that can be used on the skin and the hair.


So my son developed a rash on his stomach that I thought was a heat rash but when it spread to his leg I took him to the Dr. who did nothing but write it off as "sensitive skin & possible eczema". I didn't know what products to use to make it better but after giving him a warm bath & using some JanuaryBaby18 shea butter moisturizer the rash was barely noticeable the next day...and did I mention he smelled HEAVENLY!! lol I just put in my 8oz order for my son's skin today....Thanks for being the answer to my prayers!!

K. Taylor

Perfect name for a perfect product! I simply LOVE the All Natural Moisturizer. Thanks to my Sissy Delya Holt I have "pink sugar" all to myself!!!  ‪#‎JanuaryBaby‬


My family has fought over your Milk and Honey Body Mositurizer. I love your Peppermint Whipped Cream for my feet. I came from PA today and came home to Newark and look at what I came home too!!! LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS January Baby!!!!!


I just received the JB all natural moisturizer through Curl Bible and let me tell you that it smells heavenly and feels amazing on my skin! So thank you for creating such a wonderful product...


I recently bought your body moisturizer from the Curl Bible app and I'm usually one to break out if I can't find the right stuff for my body! I love your product so much! I can even apply to my baby girls skin and we don't break out!...

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